loved to worship

first opened

in 2018

Welcome to Loved To Worship, a vibrant Christian movement birthed in 2018 with a passion to restore the heart of worship within the church lead by a collective of Christians across the UK. Worship is supposed to lift our eyes to the wonders and mysteries of our unlimited God. To transport us to a place of throne room adoration of the everlasting King of kings. We long to go deeper into His heavenly throne room where He is our focus and not us.

Inspired by the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles, we believe in the incredible power of worship, where our focus on God is our most potent weapon and that atmospheres change when we Worship.

Our journey began with a gathering of hungry worshippers in 2018, representing various churches in the north-west region. This collective, now inclusive of people across the UK, is fuelled by a shared commitment to worship and diverse gifting. 

Loved To Worship hosts regular free events, currently monthly, in the north-west region of England. These gatherings are a testament to our belief that worship is a universal right, knocking down the walls of separating denominations and the barriers in the Church and re-recognising that we have one thing in common, we Love Jesus and we Love to Worship. Our vision is rooted in creating a space where unity flourishes, and all are welcome to turn their attention to God. Loved To Worship is not associated with any one particular Church – We are independently organised by worshippers across the UK. 

Our events have no agenda but simply unite the church in one voice to Worship—a night dedicated entirely to God. The Worship experience is through music, song, and a creative atmosphere where prophetic painting, dancing, and various artistic expressions find their place.  

Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to witness the faithful works of God in the powerful atmospheres of worship, where we have seen testimonies of salvation, healing and miracles through the mighty power of God. Loved To Worship is more than a movement; it’s a community of worshippers, passionate about sharing the love of God through Worship.

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Through loved to worship, two of my mates have made a step closer to the Lord. J*** came to the October service, and has been on fire since. She has gotten herself embedded in a church on the W*****, and has been so willing to seek the Lord first. Her mum now wants to try church, and it seems to be taking off. Even hitting the friendship group i'm in, my close friends are asking more questions and trying to find purpose in life. Praying more people can come to know the Lord from this, and through Loved to worship.